Martial Viot

martial viot

Head of Marketing

Communication is key in the fight to save the rhino, and this is where Martial Viot comes in. Heading up the marketing for RhinoProtect at the Cape Town office, he ensures that all the important channels of communication remain open and clear. In this way, RhinoProtect can successfully and widely distribute their messages about rhino conservation in South Africa and beyond.

Martial also been integral in liaising with the drone team, helping to put the RhinoProtect drone plan into action, so that the rhinos and other wildlife at Inverdoorn can remain safe. This has included many trips to the reserve, ensuring that only the finest and most efficient technology is used for the anti-poaching unit. He has also been trained in handling the UAVs, assisting the RhinoProtect team on the reserve with guidance and advice about implementing the technology into their patrols.

Establishing and maintaining RhinoProtect’s communication networks, including various social platforms, Martial assists in bringing word to the public about RhinoProtect and their conservation goals. These include the horn treatment, orphanage, drone programme and conservation concerts. Spreading the word about the protection in place for the rhinos at the reserve forms a key component of the message, making poachers and the public aware of the measures taken to protect the reserve’s rhinos.

The Internet is more than just an information highway, it is a way to connect the globe and help us stand united for a common cause. Handling the RhinoProtect website and other areas of communication is thus a core aspect of Martial’s position so that supporters of the rhino’s cause can learn all they need to know about RhinoProtect and conservation in the Western Cape.