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According to South Africa. Info, stats that South Africa is ready to test high tech devices and technology to help stop poaching within Africa. The British conservation team has also completed proof of idea trails within S.A, including high tech devices such as spy cameras, heart rate monitors as well as GPS trackers on the […]

Top of the range technology and techniques have become essential tools in the effort to save rhinos. Micro chips, translocation and consumer campaigns are helping shift the balance against record-setting poaching threatening the world’s remaining rhinos. Rhino Protect continues to be serious against wildlife crime, assisting in efforts to counter poachers and the international criminal […]

A warning has been sent out to all people against sharing and placing the location(Geo tagged) of where the picture was taken of endangered animals, because tech-savy poachers are now using sites and technology to locate their prey. According to research conducted rhinos are one of the most geo-tagged instagram photos taken.  Poachers are now […]