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Rhinos are known for their ferocity in battle, and we have all seen flashing videos of the rhino charge. But what do they do with the rest of their day? Rhinos are actually peaceful creatures, who enjoy eating, long walks and bathing in the local watering hole. Rhinos are one of the largest terrestrial mammals. […]

Cyclist Wayne Bolton, 51, has decided to put power to the pedal by embarking on a 2000 km cycle to save the rhinos. What out for OLLI – the big fibreglass rhino may be coming to your town next. Wayne set off from Kragga Kamma Game Reserve in Nelson Mandela Bay on July 1 and hopes […]

According to media reports, poaching of rhinos in Southern Africa has become a huge problematic concern over the past few years! However, there are organisations and people who dedicate their time, working tirelessly in the field to try and fight the war against poaching. Founder of Rhinoprotect, Damien Vergnaud, have made it his life’s mission […]

If you look at the latest figures that have been released by the minister, the number of rhinos that have been killed within South Africa since the year  2006 stands at 5,763. The number is certainly higher and would certainly have been killed but dead rhinos were never found. The Kruger National Park NUMBERS looks better; […]

Donations funds conservation programmes effectively!   We all know that conservation efforts save the rhino species.  Did you know? The Southern white rhino would not be alive today, if it were not for the workings of people and conservation initiatives that managed breeding programmes and re-introduction programmes. However, with donations, you can support these programmes, […]

Inverdoorn Game Reserve and Iziba Safari Lodge is a conservation stronghold. Since 2001 they have been running a successful cheetah rehabilitation and breeding centre known as the Western Cape Cheetah Conservation (WCCC). In 2011 RhinoProtect was founded in an effort to curb rhino poaching with the implementation of a special horn treatment. The rhino specie […]

Forced removals, poverty within the country and corrective justice are simply a few reasons, why South Africans from various poor communities are willingly working with international rhino poaching syndicates, has said, a researcher at UCT.  According to media reports, Dr Annette Hübschle of UCT’s Centre of Criminology have made a presentation to Parliament’s portfolio committee […]

According to conservationist at the University of Kent have used Game theory to have a look at the likely outcome of the great battle between poachers and the game keeper or even the rhino manager. Dr David Roberts, of the Durrell Institute of Conservation and Ecology in the University’s School of Anthropology and Dr Tamsin […]

A New initiative called WildAid asks people to raise their voices, not money, for a cause that researchers suggests is a racial unifier. South African celebrities have collaborated to launch a campaign for citizen to take action by bidding to end the rhino-poaching crisis that have rocked the world since 2008. The Poaching Giveaways the […]

In Cape Town and across the world, poaching continues to be at crises point. Below are things you need to know about this devastating scourge. There have been 1 175 rhinos that were poached by the end of last year. In the year 2014, 1 215 rhinos were poached There were 826 killings within the […]