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The white rhino are possibly the biggest pure grazer that ever lived within the wild, a kind of modern day dinosaur if you like to put it that way. It has a huge barrel shaped body carried on wide, stumpy legs with a thick, hairless hide and apparently exposed ribs that give it the appearance of both fatness […]

The question many people will ask why we should conserve rhinos. This question has spread throughout various websites. We tend to think that it’s bad when a species is under threat of extinction, but it’s rare to see any defence of such claims. So what are the reasons might we have for thinking that poaching […]

Top of the range technology and techniques have become essential tools in the effort to save rhinos. Micro chips, translocation and consumer campaigns are helping shift the balance against record-setting poaching threatening the world’s remaining rhinos. Rhino Protect continues to be serious against wildlife crime, assisting in efforts to counter poachers and the international criminal […]

Dear Visitors of Rhinoprotect.org Our time is stretched and limited, between managing new existing projects and establishing new projects. Sometimes we cannot get to all the emails and question that we receive via email weekly. Here are some of the basic questions and enquiries we get. We are out there making a difference; thank you […]

In South Africa, we are currently seeing a systematic and calculated reduce in rhino numbers within their natural habitat. The number of poached rhinos has been increasing yearly over the past 5 years. It has been stated that South Africa has been experiencing severe poaching pressure before and have defeated it. However today because of the […]

As the year winds to a close, we look back on devastating statistics in rhino poaching. In 2010, 333 rhinos were killed in South Africa alone. In 2012 that number has almost doubled – currently standing at 588. Propelled by mythic beliefs pertaining to the value of the rhino horn’s use, there has been an […]

A SURFER muscled in, literally, to raise funds for rhino conservation. Dene Botha, a surfer, actor and entrepreneur, helped raise R 11 337.00 for RhinoProtect. RhinoProtect is an organisation dedicated to the protection and preservation of rhinos in this country. Botha raised the money through the Operation Man Cave promotion at the Decorex exhibition where […]

The French fiming crew from Ushuaïa followed the Inverdoorn team in their desperate attempt to save their three rhino. Witness the RhinoProtect process and the ray of hope this innovative treatment brought to an entire country. You can watch the teaser of this documentary here : http://www.cargoculte.fr/fr/nos-realisations/89/l-ange-gardien-du-karoo

Rhino poaching carries on unabated in South Africa. Diminishing rhinos, covert operations, gunfire in the bush and, most recently, the spectacular arrest of an alleged poaching syndicate, make the entire situation read like the plot of a Hollywood action thriller – and as far as these go, good usually triumphs. We can only hope that […]