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It kills us to think, that rhinos in Africa and across the world are being killed for their horns, horns that rightfully belongs to them. Imagine how you would feel or your family members if you were killed for your fingernails or teeth. According to media reports, these horns are then sold to the Asian […]

It’s a daily, yet rewarding challenge for the marketing team to always find new and innovative ways to get the positive message of RhinoProtect across all possible platforms. Our daily task is to outline a plan and strategy to engage all aspects of RhinoProtect. We are in charge of creating understandable and effect messages and […]

The RhinoProtect initiative was started by Damian Vergnaud, Also the Owner of Inverdoorn Game Reserve and Iziba Lodge, which can be found within the Western Cape. When poaching occurred in neighbouring reserves, Damian immediately upgraded his security by adding more security patrols on his reserve, employed extra staff and invested in expensive equipment such as […]

Rhino horn consumption have become a challenging and worrying factor for the survival of rhinos, lets spark a debate, a debate of positive change! Read the below facts and let us know your thoughts… Rhino conservation seems entirely unnecessary – this animal looks quite everlasting. But populations fell to no more than a few hundred […]

Rhinos once roamed freely many places throughout Eurasia and Africa and were known to early Europeans who depicted them in cave paintings. History of Rhinos: Long ago they were widespread across Africa’s Savannah and Asia’s tropical forests and  today very few rhinos survive outside national parks and reserves. Two species of rhino called the Javan […]

The white rhino are possibly the biggest pure grazer that ever lived within the wild, a kind of modern day dinosaur if you like to put it that way. It has a huge barrel shaped body carried on wide, stumpy legs with a thick, hairless hide and apparently exposed ribs that give it the appearance of both fatness […]

The question many people will ask why we should conserve rhinos. This question has spread throughout various websites. We tend to think that it’s bad when a species is under threat of extinction, but it’s rare to see any defence of such claims. So what are the reasons might we have for thinking that poaching […]

Top of the range technology and techniques have become essential tools in the effort to save rhinos. Micro chips, translocation and consumer campaigns are helping shift the balance against record-setting poaching threatening the world’s remaining rhinos. Rhino Protect continues to be serious against wildlife crime, assisting in efforts to counter poachers and the international criminal […]

Dear Visitors of Rhinoprotect.org Our time is stretched and limited, between managing new existing projects and establishing new projects. Sometimes we cannot get to all the emails and question that we receive via email weekly. Here are some of the basic questions and enquiries we get. We are out there making a difference; thank you […]