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According to Edna Molewa, Environmental Affairs Minister, rhino poaching in South Africa is on the decline while other wildlife, such as elephants have shown an increase in 2016. Between the period of January to the 31st August, there have been a total of 458 poached rhino carcasses. These have been found in the Kruger Park, […]

For the first four months of 2016, 363 rhinos have been poached. According to News24, there have been 363 rhinos poached within South Africa, from January to April 2016, says Environmental Minister, Edna Molewa. According to stats, during the same period last year the stats stood at 404. In terms of the poaching movement, which […]

According to media reports, a two section report is expected to expose the workings of the criminal network involved in the latest details of the rhino poaching underground. The Global Initiative states that a group of law enforcements, governance and expansion practitioners, have released the first section of the report called the “The Tipping Point […]

In Port Elizabeth, South Africa, on Wednesday, three suspects have appeared in the Grahamstown Magistrate court on charges of possession of rhino horn that was valued over one million rand. According to IOL, the police spokesman, Colonel Sibongile Soci said the following: Two Zimbabweans have been denied bail and will remain in custody. Last week […]

The percentage of rhinoceros that have been killed by poachers within Africa have risen for the  6th year straight to one of the highest documented numbers during the current rhino poaching crisis. There were about  1,338 rhino species killed across the continent in the year 2015. The overall  number of the wildlife killed since the year […]

In Cape Town and across the world, poaching continues to be at crises point. Below are things you need to know about this devastating scourge. There have been 1 175 rhinos that were poached by the end of last year. In the year 2014, 1 215 rhinos were poached There were 826 killings within the […]

Within the Kruger National Park lies a pregnant rhino in the South African wildlife park – Kruger National Park. She has been sedated by rangers, who have now attached a new device which will track the rhino, this is all in effort to stop poaching within the country. The media have been observing last weekend’s […]

Africa had the worst report of rhino poaching, even when South Africa had a small decrease. On the 26 January 2016 in Johannesburg, SA have announced that the official numbers of rhinos illegally killed in the country within the year 2015. The figure showed that 1.175 shows that there has been a drop from the […]

The Poaching numbers have doubled! There has been a significant up welling in rhinos getting poached within Zimbabwe, there have been at least 50 rhinos poached in 2015, media reports. The numbers have doubled compared to the previous year. According to the Lowveld Rhino Trust, 42 of the rhinos that have been lost last year […]

Consumers can end the rhino crises! Not even the biggest conservation crime fighters can find a solution to the rhino killings within South Africa. They looking deep into the issue, from consumers to poachers yet rhinos are still being killed and numbers are increasing. People all over the world have their opinions about the rhino […]