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According to South Africa. Info, stats that South Africa is ready to test high tech devices and technology to help stop poaching within Africa. The British conservation team has also completed proof of idea trails within S.A, including high tech devices such as spy cameras, heart rate monitors as well as GPS trackers on the […]

The statistics of poachers and the killing records states that the numbers of rhino within South Africa in these recent years, show that conservationist believe that the toll of rhino records could be higher than the official records that had been released. According to media reports and Founder of Outrage SA Citizen Against poaching, Allison […]

More Efforts Needed to Decrease Poaching! According to News24, reports shows that Environmental affairs minister of South Africa, Edna Molewa was obstinate about the exertions to protect rhinos against being killed by poachers, therefore it needs to be intensified. She adds that the country isn’t losing the rhino war yet statistically speaking if measures weren’t […]

Lets understand how these rhino poaching syndicates work. According to administrative director of the Joaquim Chissano Foundation and its wildlife preservation initiative, DR Leonardo Simao says Rhino poaching syndicates are now turning young Mozambican men into hardcore criminals and return dead. According to stats in Mozambique, it shows that 490 poachers killed during the fight […]

We may ask, can the de-horning procedure, sanctioning the horn trade or educating the consumers in Asia to possibly provide suitable solutions to curb this problem. According to media stats, various methods have been intensified in South Africa; and are presently home to about seventy per cent of the lasting rhinos left in the world. […]

Rhino poaching has drastically increased within the years that has passed and has been driven by the current demand for rhino horn in Asian countries such as Vietnam. According to media reports, it suggest that rhino horn is being used for traditional purposes such as the making of Chinese medicine, but are now also used […]

According to recent media reports, more arrest are being made related to rhino poaching, this indicates that task teams formed to deal with these related crimes are hard at work and are bearing fruit… Criminals such as Carlos Mathebula, a Mozambican national has been charged with possession of illegal firearms, possession of illegal ammunition and […]

The war on poaching has increased worldwide; therefore Africa has skilled up their military to use more fire-power and a combination of military concepts and methods used by infantry to achieve tactical objectives during poaching target. According to media reports, the latest survey for this year, they have studied poaching in Africa and looked at what […]

Vietnam has the highest numbers in wildlife trafficking when it comes to obedience and enforcement. There are many good cops within the country; it’s still overrun with corruption and untouchable wealthy people that run the horn trade. But why are illegal animal parts like rhino horns popular in the first place? Because people are now partying […]

According to media reports, the fight against poaching will be won as new strategies to attack the crime and fight the masterminds behind it roll out… The Environmental Affairs Minister Edna Molewa have said that increased number of arrests were a sign of progress although there was an increase in the overall number of rhino […]

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