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According to media reports, poaching of rhinos in Southern Africa has become a huge problematic concern over the past few years! However, there are organisations and people who dedicate their time, working tirelessly in the field to try and fight the war against poaching. Founder of Rhinoprotect, Damien Vergnaud, have made it his life’s mission […]

If you look at the latest figures that have been released by the minister, the number of rhinos that have been killed within South Africa since the year  2006 stands at 5,763. The number is certainly higher and would certainly have been killed but dead rhinos were never found. The Kruger National Park NUMBERS looks better; […]

Is the problem shifting somewhere else? According to media reports,  South Africa’s Minister of Environmental Affairs, Edna Molewa, briefly noted that even though, the rhino  poaching had led to a  declined in Kruger National Park,  it had increased in various other areas. The number of deceased rhinos found have increased in Hluhluwe Reserve within the […]

According to media reports, South Africa have recently successfully announced that the rhino poaching has declined in the Kruger National Park. South Africa’s Minister of Environmental Affairs, Edna Molewa, said “702 rhinos had been killed in the country as a whole so far this year, compared with 796 in the same period last year.” The minister have […]

Inverdoorn Game Reserve and Iziba Safari Lodge is a conservation stronghold. Since 2001 they have been running a successful cheetah rehabilitation and breeding centre known as the Western Cape Cheetah Conservation (WCCC). In 2011 RhinoProtect was founded in an effort to curb rhino poaching with the implementation of a special horn treatment. The rhino specie […]

Forced removals, poverty within the country and corrective justice are simply a few reasons, why South Africans from various poor communities are willingly working with international rhino poaching syndicates, has said, a researcher at UCT.  According to media reports, Dr Annette Hübschle of UCT’s Centre of Criminology have made a presentation to Parliament’s portfolio committee […]

According to Edna Molewa, Environmental Affairs Minister, rhino poaching in South Africa is on the decline while other wildlife, such as elephants have shown an increase in 2016. Between the period of January to the 31st August, there have been a total of 458 poached rhino carcasses. These have been found in the Kruger Park, […]

For the first four months of 2016, 363 rhinos have been poached. According to News24, there have been 363 rhinos poached within South Africa, from January to April 2016, says Environmental Minister, Edna Molewa. According to stats, during the same period last year the stats stood at 404. In terms of the poaching movement, which […]

According to media reports, a two section report is expected to expose the workings of the criminal network involved in the latest details of the rhino poaching underground. The Global Initiative states that a group of law enforcements, governance and expansion practitioners, have released the first section of the report called the “The Tipping Point […]

In Port Elizabeth, South Africa, on Wednesday, three suspects have appeared in the Grahamstown Magistrate court on charges of possession of rhino horn that was valued over one million rand. According to IOL, the police spokesman, Colonel Sibongile Soci said the following: Two Zimbabweans have been denied bail and will remain in custody. Last week […]