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Consumers can end the rhino crises! Not even the biggest conservation crime fighters can find a solution to the rhino killings within South Africa. They looking deep into the issue, from consumers to poachers yet rhinos are still being killed and numbers are increasing. People all over the world have their opinions about the rhino […]

Recently a rhino on the reserve gave birth, still unaware of the sex of the calf. It is extremely important to us to understand the details of rhino habitats and the way they live, if we would like to help them survive and eradicate the threat of extinction. The more rhinos that can be born […]

The Specie of the week: The White Rhino! Last week we had a look at the black rhino, and highlighted that illegal wildlife trade is one of the most prevalent issues of today’s time!!!  Did you know that there is a difference between the white and black rhino and no its not the their colour. When […]

For 2015 up until 27 August 2015, 749 rhinos have been poached; a small increase from 716 rhinos poached during the same period in 2014. Across the world rhino poaching has impacted wildlife greatly.  On Inverdoorn grounds there have been previous poaching scares, yet we are incredibly happy to announce the birth of a baby […]

South Africa, you will find the vast majority of world’s rhinos, that have been under heavy stress from poachers which killed in excess of 1200 of the country’s rhinos in the year 2014 and are destroying them at a high rate this year to satisfy growing interest in their horns, in parts of Asia.   […]

According to the latest media reports Africa’s black rhinos are on their last, there were seven subspecies left which and three are already extinct. In the ’70s, there were only 65,000 black rhinos left. As Asian economies rumbled, demand there for traditional, rhino-horn-based medicine are paid for a consistent boom in rhino poaching. Now there […]

Placing Conservation as a priority at Inverdoorn… There is much contention about the resolution to the poaching epidemic in Africa, but what all parties do agree on is that it is a multi-faceted problem, which requires more than one solution. Due to the sophistication and intelligence of poaching gangs and syndicates, wildlife patrols across national […]

Poachers Moon -Rhino poaching is a menace which, unless it is stopped, will drive rhinos towards extinction. The Poacher’s Moon by Richard Peirce is the true story of poachers attacking rhinos on three Western Cape game reserves in South Africa. The Poacher’s Moon is the story of Higgins and Lady(rhinos) and of rhino poaching in […]

When poachers decide to target these species and fail, then leave a rhino wounded, there are massive cost involved. According to information collected on Facebook Provet Wildlife Services shared the story about a rhino that they treated after it had been shot in the neck. The animal was luckily, because it was a flesh wound that […]

The black and white represent the black and white rhinos, and the red symbolize their plight. Many years ago, Flip flops were simply just sandals but now it is saving lives. A RhinoProtect flip flops delivers a message and donates funds to saving our rhinos in Africa. We know that conservation efforts save species. Therefore Inverdoorn and Rhino […]