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Stand up the concert to save rhino

Reaching the global community through social media and events, RhinoProtect seeks to raise awareness for the rhino’s plight by bringing the struggle to the people and asking them to join the fight. As music brings people together, so RhinoProtect strives to do the same in order to stand together for a common cause.

In 2012, this dream was realised when RhinoProtect successfully hosted Stand Up! Fusing music and conservation, a concert was held in aid of the rhino, featuring legendary reggae band The Wailers. The concert helped raise awareness and funds for rhino conservation in the Western Cape.

Supported by local acts The Rudimentals, Fox Comet and Mix ‘n’ Blend, as well as international DJ Dino Psaras, the concert was held on Freedom Day at Trinity Club in Cape Town. Much-needed funds were raised; but, most importantly, the word was spread that the rhino has soldiers on its side, willing to fight for its survival.

Established names, like The Wailers, take their influence even further when they champion a worthy cause. By fighting and believing with them, we give the next generation something to aspire to and live for. By saving something today, we engender the greatness of tomorrow.

In future, RhinoProtect hopes to have even more events for rhino conversation, making each bigger and better than the last, so that even more people can be reached and taught about the rhino’s plight. As rhinos continue being slaughtered for their horns, it is up to all of us to seek solutions which will save our natural heritage through pioneering efforts and enduring hope.

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