Spread the word, Save the Rhino

In South Africa, safaris are a key element of rhino conservation. Going on a game drive helps game rangers, reserve owners and conservationists bring the fight to the people, making them aware of the danger the rhino, and other wildlife, faces.

Rhinos are threatened due to the demand for rhino horn, particularly in Southeast Asia, which many falsely believe has medicinal properties. Over the past decades the demand has increased and this, in turn, has led to an increase in poaching, posing a severe threat to the remaining populations in Africa and Asia.

With the rise in poaching, raising awareness has become even more important and across the world rhino conservation groups and events have cropped up in an attempt to gain support against poaching.

Another cornerstone of saving the rhino includes spreading the message that rhino horn is not medicine.It has become a focal point in many campaigns, and is imperative to decreasing demand. The poaching, however, has continued almost unabated. Until demand can sufficiently decrease alternative solutions are being tried and tested.

Working together to find solutions and spread the word about the rhino’s fight is essential to their survival. Social media has played an important role in recent years, helping conservationists, game rangers and the public start a discourse on how best to help rhinos, while raising awareness about their plight.

Going on safaris, attending events in support of the rhino and spreading the word about their conservation are steps all of us can take to contribute to the battle to save the rhino – and you can start anytime and anywhere.