The RhinoProtect Story

rhinoprotect story

RhinoProtect began with Damian Vergnaud’s mission to protect the rhinos at Inverdoorn Game Reserve in South Africa after they were threatened by poachers. This led to the development of a horn treatment, designed to ward off poachers from the Western Cape game reserve. A concert featuring The Wailers and widely supported by the media helped spread the word about rhino conservation in general, and the horn treatment in particular.

Having established RhinoProtect Damian took the next step in rhino conservation by building an orphanage for rhinos at Inverdoorn and saving two calves who had lost their mothers to poachers in Limpopo, a province hundreds of kilometres from the Western Cape and heavily-hit by poaching in recent years.

Damian’s pursuit of knowledge about ways to save the rhinos has continued unabated since then, using RhinoProtect as a platform to develop more solutions and raise awareness. He hopes to hold many more conservation concerts in aid of the rhino, and has also turned to technology in the fight to protect Inverdoorn’s rhinos, by implementing a drone programme for the reserve.

He jumps between Cape Town, Inverdoorn and overseas trips, sharing his RhinoProtect story and bringing the creature’s plight to the attention of many, hoping to enlist as many soldiers as possible in the rhino war. At a time when South Africa is rapidly and drastically losing rhinos to poaching, and while demand for rhino horn continues rising, the movement needs more soldiers like Damian and his team to win as many victories as possible for the threatened rhino.