RhinoProtect Soldiers

Since founding RhinoProtect, Damian Vergnaud has amassed a team akin to an army. Rallying together to protect rhinos, it all started with Damian and his staff at Inverdoorn Game Reserve, along with veterinary specialists, working together as RhinoProtect soldiers to think of new solutions to save rhinos in South Africa.

With neighbouring reserves being attacked and the threat of poachers on the doorstep of his own reserve, Damian stepped up security patrols and implemented an anti-poaching unit. Heading up this brave team of soldiers on the reserve is RhinoProtect manager Christo Viljoen. In Cape Town, communications are handled by Martial Viot, head of marketing for RhinoProtect.

Sponsors and partners are also integral to the RhinoProtect initiative, as are the numerous volunteers who flock to Inverdoorn year after year to learn about wildlife and lend a helping hand to the conservation of rhinos, particularly at the orphanage.

RhinoProtect soldiers come from all corners of the globe and all walks of life. You too can become part of the army and join the fight to save the rhino.

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