The RhinoProtect Army

Rangers and Rhinoprotect team members

The fight to save the rhino involves the dedication and passion of many people. Dubbing them the RhinoProtect Army, Damian Vergnaud sees his team at Inverdoorn and in Cape Town as a force banding together to protect rhinos from poaching.

On the game reserve, the anti-poaching unit form an integral part of the RhinoProtect Army, patrolling the grounds and keeping poachers at bay. In Cape Town, RhinoProtect’s marketing strategy aims to raise awareness about conservation; and whether in South Africa or abroad, Damien is always on the lookout for the next solution against poaching.

He hopes to enlist more soldiers into  the RhinoProtect Army, mobilising the global community in the fight for the rhino. Damian believes that together we can create an awareness movement which will champion the cause as we fight together to save the rhino.

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Damian Vergnaud

Damian Vergnaud is the founder of RhinoProtect and the owner of Inverdoorn in the Western Cape.


Christo Viljoen is the the Rhinoprotect field Manager and Inverdoorn Game Reserve Head Ranger

martial viot

Martial Viot is the marketing manager of Inverdoorn Game Reserve and webmaster for Rhinoprotect.