21Jun 2017

Despite the fact that the number of rhinos killed last year was less than in 2015, the numbers are still incredibly high. Predictions for 2017 indicate the number of rhino killings will once again be over one thousand. The drop in rhino poaching from 1175 (2015) to 1054 (2016) was hailed as a ‘new dawn’ […]

27May 2017

Southern Africa is home to around 90% of the world’s remaining white and black rhino population. With current numbers dwindling at 19,700 rhinos in South Africa, we ask ourselves just how we got here. The history of rhino poaching is a long one. History of Rhino Horn Use The Ancient Greeks believed that rhino horns […]

11May 2017

Ten years after the disappearance of the black rhino species in Rwanda, they are being reintroduced back into the country. Around twenty of the rhino are being flown in from South Africa to make their new home in the African Parks in Rwanda. Many are excited to welcome back the Eastern black rhino, who used […]

23Nov 2016

Rhinohorn is more valuable than Gold. Rhinohorn has been linked to south Africa, as Chinese leaders get exposed! Rhino horn is supposedly worth more than gold or platinum on the global bootleg market, which is doubtlessly why trafficking is on the ascent. One horn can get $250 000 (R3,5m; £200 000). Who is profiting here? […]

28Oct 2016

According to media reports, poaching of rhinos in Southern Africa has become a huge problematic concern over the past few years! However, there are organisations and people who dedicate their time, working tirelessly in the field to try and fight the war against poaching. Founder of Rhinoprotect, Damien Vergnaud, have made it his life’s mission […]

14Oct 2016

If you look at the latest figures that have been released by the minister, the number of rhinos that have been killed within South Africa since the year  2006 stands at 5,763. The number is certainly higher and would certainly have been killed but dead rhinos were never found. The Kruger National Park NUMBERS looks better; […]