15Aug 2017

Rhinos are known for their ferocity in battle, and we have all seen flashing videos of the rhino charge. But what do they do with the rest of their day? Rhinos are actually peaceful creatures, who enjoy eating, long walks and bathing in the local watering hole. Rhinos are one of the largest terrestrial mammals. […]

12Aug 2017

Most people have surveyed the lumbering form of a rhino while on safari. These stocky, heavy weight mammals are somewhat of a marvel. We have watched them graze from our safari vehicles. Some have even been (un)lucky enough to watch them charge, but very few people have watched them mate. Although it’s not a pretty […]

28Jul 2017

Earlier this week another arrest was made of a Chinese national, who was trying to smuggle 11 rhino horns in her luggage. The 24-year old woman was smuggling the horns out of Johannesburg en route to Hong Kong. It’s just another day at O.R. Tambo where the airport security is doing their screening, only to […]

19Jul 2017

Little do people know, that Nepal and the Indus Valley in Pakistan used to home to hundreds of rhinos for centuries. They have the unique one-horn rhino, native to that region. But these rhinos have also seen struggles, with a once ripe population dropping to less than 100 in the 1900’s. But now they have […]

12Jul 2017

Cyclist Wayne Bolton, 51, has decided to put power to the pedal by embarking on a 2000 km cycle to save the rhinos. What out for OLLI – the big fibreglass rhino may be coming to your town next. Wayne set off from Kragga Kamma Game Reserve in Nelson Mandela Bay on July 1 and hopes […]

30Jun 2017

Another rhino has been poached in Kwazulu-Natal, bringing the total number of fatalities in 2017 to 128. This is another number added to the ever-increasing fatalities in this province of South Africa. Just a few days ago, a rhino at Natal Lion Park was slaughtered. The 11-year-old white rhino, Maxine, came to the park as […]