Sponsors & Partners

Support for the rhino is necessary from every corner of the globe. RhinoProtect enables individuals and organisations to become directly involved, as a sponsor or a partner, as well as make donations – giving each of us the means to save the rhino, one horn at a time.

The fight against poaching is a constant battle. Support and exposure are necessary in every form to combat poachers and syndicates and protect the rhino. Adding your voice and brand can elevate consciousness within the global community and encourage others to support the cause and become involved.

Exposure is key to getting the word out about what is happening to our rhino; while donations assist with funding research, increasing security and rescuing more calves for protection in the orphanage.

Education in the form of campaigns against the use of rhino horn as medicine is another important part to solving the rhino’s plight. Tackling the problem at its source will go a long way in decreasing the demand for rhinos’ horns, helping South Africa and other rhino nations protect these threatened animals.

Whether in the form of donations or the contribution of time or resources – examples ranging from additional fencing to binoculars and motion detectors – there is something for everyone to add to the fight.

RhinoProtect’s sponsors and partners also have the option of being featured on our dedicated page and adding their names to the cause; increasing social awareness campaigns and aiding conservation events.

Contact us today to become a sponsor or partner in the fight to save the rhino. Alternatively, click here, to make a donation.