Rhinos are known for their ferocity in battle, and we have all seen flashing videos of the rhino charge. But what do they do with the rest of their day?

Rhinos are actually peaceful creatures, who enjoy eating, long walks and bathing in the local watering hole.

Rhinos are one of the largest terrestrial mammals. Although there are several species of rhino, they stand at around 1.7 metres tall. In fact, the white rhino is the world’s second largest land animal, towering at 1.9 metres. They also weigh anything up from 1 000kg, with the white rhino reaching up to 3 500kg when they are fully grown.

Eating all day, every day.

To maintain such a large body, a rhino spends the majority of their day (and night) grazing.They are not picky animals, and are considered both nocturnal and diurnal. In fact, when they are not eating, they are sleeping as they are quite lazy. On average, rhinos will move and feed at night, but are most active early and late in the day.

Their diet consists of about 40% grass, and the rest of his diet is composed of twigs, leaves and even small branches (Animals.mom). They also enjoy any fruit that may have fallen to the ground. Black rhinos will even use their horns to dig for roots.

Spending time with the herd

Rhinos are herd animals and move around in small family groups, although they still enjoy their solitary time. They will normally wander off and graze alone, but without straying too far from its herd. Although they share watering holes and grazing patches, they rarely interact (Active Wild).

However, they prefer to avoid the heat and bright sun, and are often hidden in shady bushes during the hottest part of the day. They will also happily take a bath when it’s hot and cover their body in mud. This stops their sensitive skin from getting sun burnt. Bathing also helps rids itself of ‘ectoparasites’ (external parasites) by bathing in mud in shallow pools.

So next time you are on safari, remember, rhinos are peaceful creatures. You will probably see them in the shrubs, chewing on twigs or rolling in the mud at the local watering hole.

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