Cyclist Wayne Bolton, 51, has decided to put power to the pedal by embarking on a 2000 km cycle to save the rhinos. What out for OLLI – the big fibreglass rhino may be coming to your town next.

Wayne set off from Kragga Kamma Game Reserve in Nelson Mandela Bay on July 1 and hopes to hit 20 game reserves by the time he reaches the Mozambique border on August 1. He set off to raise awareness about the rhino poaching and to quell the number of rhinos lost per year. OLLI, his faithful four-legged companion, stands for the Frontier’s slogan, One Land Love It,

Putting Power to the Pedal

“I call him Five and I tell people when Five is gone, we will only have the Big Four,” Wayne says (Dispatch Live).

Wayne is cycling along the eastern coast of South Africa with his family ahead of him. Hitched onto their truck, is a trailer with a life-size rhino loaded onto the back. Also along for the ride is his wife, Nikki, and two children, Daniel and Laura, who are excited about the expedition.

“We are all honorary SANPark rangers and have always loved being in the bush and we wanted to stop feeling helpless about rhino poaching,” Nikki said.

Not the rhino’s first race

This is not the first time that this life-size rhino will be hauled along on a journey. Waynes’ first anti-poaching cycle was a full 6000 km. HE crossed South Africa to visit 19 SANParks between Kruger National Park and Addo National Park in which he raised R150000. This money was distributed towards Care for Wild Africa rhino orphanage and SANParks counter poaching initiatives.

Before OLLI was used by Wayne, he belonged to Anton Fouche, where he was known as George. In 2015 Anton walked 1500km physically pulling him to raise awareness and funds for rangers and rhinos.

Many feats have been accomplished to show OLLI to the world. Now let’s see how much the world loves OLLI, and whether we can prevent rhino poaching.

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