A warning has been sent out to all people against sharing and placing the location(Geo tagged) of where the picture was taken of endangered animals, because tech-savy poachers are now using sites and technology to locate their prey.

According to research conducted rhinos are one of the most geo-tagged instagram photos taken.  Poachers are now using geo-tagged instagram pictures to help them track and kill these endangered animals in Africa.

Hunters are searching and doing their research on line, looking on social media sites to find the exact location of wildlife before killing them.

Now this epidemic has forced game reserves and conservationist to place new measures in place, such as putting up signs in South Africa to urge visitors to be careful when sharing photos of wildlife on social media.geotag

Why is it important to turn off geo-tags?

  • It can lead to poaching of rhinos
  • It won’t disclose the rhinos location

According to A previous article in the Sunday times, Poachers were now sending out scouts to safaris to spot animals locations. Usually it’s an young couple taking pictures with their GPS Enabled smart phone.

The Horrific part of it all, with these geo-tagging, poachers are able to see the exact co-ordinates of the wild animal and come and poach at night.

Due to the ever increasing use and innovative change of technology, we need to be smart and use technology wisely, so that it cannot be used against us. It’s best to consider the lives of wildlife and switch off your geo-tagging feature.


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