According to media reports, poaching of rhinos in Southern Africa has become a huge problematic concern over the past few years!

However, there are organisations and people who dedicate their time, working tirelessly in the field to try and fight the war against poaching.

Founder of Rhinoprotect, Damien Vergnaud, have made it his life’s mission to inform the public about all aspects of the rhino poaching crises, which results in a huge decline in our rhino population.


It is believed that within 10 years, mankind will never see a rhino within the wild again. In 2010, South Africa has lost about 5600 rhinos to these organised crime syndicates.

Did you know South Africa is home to about 80% of the world’s rhino population. However, they are swiftly disappearing. The demand for rhino horn in the Asian markets are fueling poaching.

There is Hope! We as humans are the VOICE FOR THE VOICELESS! 

Let us educate each other, before the rhino specie is completely lost!

South Africans and the rest of the world needs to get more involved.

Rhinos are our heritage and their lives are at stake.

Looking back ten years from now, will this be our turning point? We have two choices, either save them or allow the syndicate criminals to win. Are we going to allow them to take our memories of these magnificent creatures?



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