Join the RhinoProtect Army!

You can fight for the rhino’s survival by joining the RhinoProtect Army. Become a soldier in the battle to save the rhino and help put a stop to poaching and spread the message that rhino horn is NOT medicine.

Every cause needs people to believe in it and further its aims. At RhinoProtect we believe in saving and protecting rhinos. We have a fondness for wildlife, evident in the number of animals roaming free through Inverdoorn Game Reserve where RhinoProtect finds one of its bases.

On the reserve, Damian Vergnaud and his team work tirelessly to think of new ways of looking after the rhinos and preserving them for future generations. Vergnaud also has a base in Cape Town, continuing his conservation aims; but the battle for the rhino can be fought anywhere, at any time and by anyone – including you!

With the high levels of poaching in South Africa and beyond it has become imperative that we join together to protect these magnificent beasts that have roamed our planet for centuries. We can all do our part to help, so start today by joining the RhinoProtect Army.

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