Creating Awareness, One Safari at a Time

Safari awareness


There are many ways to help fight the rhino’s battle and it often starts with a safari. At Inverdoorn Game Reserve in the Western Cape, guests go on safaris where they see free-roaming white rhinos and other members of the Big Five. It is during these safaris that rangers make guests aware of the rhino poaching problem and what RhinoProtect is trying to do to save and protect them.

Saving rhinos started with the establishment of Inverdoorn Game Reserve, nineteen years ago. When the Vergnaud family bought what was initially a farm, they decided to convert it into a game reserve and restore the former glory of the region when they spotted, amongst other wild animals, a pair of wild rhinos ambling past.

Offering safaris as a way of sharing the amazing wildlife of South Africa helped them share  and expand upon their conservation aims and re-introduce many animals to the area, including elephants. Today Damien Vergnaud runs Inverdoorn with his dedicated team and is always looking for new ways to save wildlife, while continuing the safari tradition.

Safaris are, after all, an important step in creating awareness about conservation in general, and rhino conservation in particular. Once you are familiar with the cause, you can take further steps to help save the rhino. Just becoming aware of the problem is a big leap forward and for every guest that visits Inverdoorn and learns about RhinoProtect, we hope that they will take the word further out into the world so that more people will become aware of the rhino’s battle against poaching.

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