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According to media reports, poaching of rhinos in Southern Africa has become a huge problematic concern over the past few years! However, there are organisations and people who dedicate their time, working tirelessly in the field to try and fight the war against poaching. Founder of Rhinoprotect, Damien Vergnaud, have made it his life’s mission […]

According to Edna Molewa, Environmental Affairs Minister, rhino poaching in South Africa is on the decline while other wildlife, such as elephants have shown an increase in 2016. Between the period of January to the 31st August, there have been a total of 458 poached rhino carcasses. These have been found in the Kruger Park, […]

Conservation is at the heart of everything Inverdoorn and Rhinoprotect does! In 2011 the team founded another wildlife initiative, called RhinoProtect. After neighbouring game reserves’ rhinos were attacked by poachers, the team knew something drastic had to be done to protect their rhinos. Consequently, a revolutionary treatment was developed which would be injected into the […]

Does it hurt when rhinos get dehorned? According to, veterinary experts, it’s not painful as it’s like getting your nails filed. As long as you don’t cut into the horn bed of the rhino horn, it will not be painful. In South Africa’s neighbouring country, Zimbabwe. They are in process of dehorning all their rhinos […]

On the 22nd September is World Rhino Day! This is the day to remind everyone why rhinos are important, to ourselves and the environment!   Why Rhinos matter? Rhinos are vital for the environment! Rhinos assist in maintaining the natural balance within the ecosystem and surrounding habitats. By assisting in germinating of seeds of the […]

Rhinos Killed Due to poaching: In KZN –  51 In Limpopo – 30 In North West- 15 In Mpumalanga -14 In Eastern Cape- 13 In the Northern Cape and Free-State – 3 According to media reports the International Union for Conservation of Nature, stats that at least 1 338 rhinos were poached across Africa within […]

For the first four months of 2016, 363 rhinos have been poached. According to News24, there have been 363 rhinos poached within South Africa, from January to April 2016, says Environmental Minister, Edna Molewa. According to stats, during the same period last year the stats stood at 404. In terms of the poaching movement, which […]

Drones can be operated either autonomously based on a pre-program flight plan or by the use of a remote control. Unmanned aerial vehicles called drones are being deployed in Africa for various missions. Drones are still mostly found in the military and special operation applications, yet UAVs are increasing and are used in civil as well […]

According to conservationist at the University of Kent have used Game theory to have a look at the likely outcome of the great battle between poachers and the game keeper or even the rhino manager. Dr David Roberts, of the Durrell Institute of Conservation and Ecology in the University’s School of Anthropology and Dr Tamsin […]

The Reality of the dangers Rangers face Daily… A few weeks ago, the media was humming with the unfortunate news of a ranger and a rhino found dead in a poaching incident at the Bela Bela private reserve. The ranger died to protect the rhino. This news brought to light the dangers rangers and staff […]