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  • Rhinoprotect

    Saving the Rhino, one Horn at a time.
  • Rhinoprotect

    Saving the Rhino, one Horn at a time.
  • Rhinoprotect

    Saving the Rhino, one Horn at a time.

Saving the Rhino one horn at a time.

RhinoProtect is an information portal and conservation platform for the bid to save the rhino including current news, research, opinions and progress made in the fight against rhino poaching. Many ancient cultures, particularly in the East, believed that the rhino's horn had medicinal properties; while others used it for ceremonial and decorative items. These practises and purposes are still perpetuated today. Consequently the demand for rhino horn continually increases and has led to a dramatic rise in illegal poaching, despite the horn's use and value being widely discredited.

RhinoProtect's implementation of a revolutionary horn treatment and establishment of a rhino calf orphanage at Inverdoorn Game Reserve in the Western Cape continues to protect and save many rhinos; while social platforms are used to mediate misconceptions and raise awareness. Donations can be made and thoughts shared in the search for further solutions. With fresh thinking and swift action we can all do our part to save the rhino.

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