• Rhinoprotect
    Saving the rhino, one horn at a time
  • Saving baby rhinos,
    One horn at a time

RhinoProtect, Saving the Rhino One Horn at a Time.

The RhinoProtect Initiative


The RhinoProtect initiative involves the encouragement of debate and discourse around the issue of rhino poaching with a view to finding sustainable and long-term solutions to an unacceptable situation. Furthermore, the organisation’s initiative is to raise awareness not only about protecting rhinos, but about debunking the myth around the efficacy of rhino horn as medicine. Spreading the word about the rhino’s plight through media and events, as well as the support of sponsors, partners and the global community, caps the RhinoProtect initiative.


Join the RhinoProtect Now

You can fight for the rhino’s survival by joining the RhinoProtect Army. Become a soldier in the battle to save the rhino and help put a stop to poaching and spreading the message that rhino horn is NOT medicine.


The Rhiniprotect Army

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